Thursday, November 13, 2008

inevitable disaster.

People ALL suffer from disasters, inevitably. However, there are two types of disaster.

1. Disasters caused by people themselves. Their own hands cause their misery.
2. Disasters that affect other people. They just happen to experience someone else's destruction.

We can't avoid every disaster; we're not immune to temptation and our sinful nature. And we, also, can't simply isolate ourselves, hoping that no one else will adversely affect our lives. So, whether or not you've caused your own pain or you're just feeling the pain because someone else did something entirely stupid in your life, it all comes down to one solid concept: It's still your life and God is still sovereign.

You either choose to live it, knowing God is in control or you choose to let the disastrous state of affairs dictate your life. I choose the first option. :)

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