Friday, April 13, 2007

all must bow down.

We live in a society that encourages independence, marvels at autonomy, and lauds freedom; we disdain anything remotely hinting to bondage, subjection, and servitude. Those are synonymous to weakness, and no one wants to be weak. However, deep inside the core of all of us is a strong desire to bow down to something.

This urge is innate, naturally designed in our being. Though its true intention was for us to commune with God, and fellowship with Him; sin has manipulated it and made it into a conflict within our souls. Obedience to God is looked upon as dependence; to believe is seen as a lack of intelligence; bowing down to our Maker is considered weak. So instead we fool ourselves. We think we are in control, but this need to worship drives us to bow down to idols with no substance. They don't seem like deities, and so we carelessly dismiss the fact that we have made very trivial, powerless things our gods. Money? Fame? Beauty? Are these things really what this life is about?

The Philistines bowed down to Dagon, a stone statue. Looking with our modern eyes, we see that as primitive. Actually, the word philistine sometimes is used to described such uncivilized and barbaric behaviors. However, is the pagan worship so different than our worship today? Lives are thrown away daily because of drugs, sex, and money. Do we really think we are so much more civilized because we mask our pagan worship under the mentality that we are free?

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