Tuesday, April 17, 2007

he seemed like such a good guy...

I've been reading 1Samuel for my devotion, and I can't help but wonder what happened to Saul. He started off being such a nice guy. He "held his peace" in chapter 10, when there were those who despised him, even though he was the king! He even stopped the men from killing those who were against him, stating "Not a man shall be put to death this day, for today the Lord has accomplished salvation in Israel." (11:13) He displayed amazing humility, patience, and understanding.

However, Saul's success depended on more than just a nice personality. It required more than his own humility to keep him from trouble. He needed more than the right words to say. He needed more than the right things to do. Saul went down the road of destruction because of his pride and lack of relationship with God.

Don't think that being a nice person will save you. That just doesn't cut it.

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