Thursday, April 12, 2007

misguided worship

I just read 1 Samuel 4, when the Israelites took the Ark of Covenant out to battle, hoping it would help them defeat the Philistines. It seemed like a good idea. Even the Philistines trembled when they heard the news. However, the Israelites were not seeking God's help; their confidence was in the concept of the Ark. I mean to say, they were disillusioned. They were finding their solace and strength in what the Ark was, in the past, and they were actually worshiping the object itself, making it almost into a good luck charm.

Their worship was misguided. I think I fall into this category sometimes. I start to think, if I could just do more devotions or read some commentaries I wouldn't feel so dry, so weary. Then again, maybe I should just seek God directly and talk to Him. It seems too easy, but it was never meant to be hard.

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