Friday, October 5, 2007

believing in the cause.

And if I perish, I perish. (Esther 3:16)

She was so self-sacrificing. She knew the dire situation that the Jews were in, and she knew there was no other solution. Esther had to stand up for her people; she had to risk her life to save the others. She had to be bold and courageous, loving and kind, and above all, she had to believe in the cause.

Often times, we lay our lives down for others. We try to be nice and courteous; sometimes giving up our time and pushing what we really want to the side, so that others will benefit from our sacrifices. But if we are not ready to perish, in a sense, for such an act, I honestly think, we should re-think whether or not we should commit to such a cause. I'm not saying we shouldn't be nice, but if that's the only reason for laying down our lives, it'll only lead to agony.

If our whole disposition is to do nice things to others, we will drain ourselves to the point of depression. But if we do nice things because we are trying to preach the gospel, or we're hoping that our actions will reflect God's glory, then our motives are noble and right. There is reason to do what we do.

Esther had to believe in what she was doing; otherwise, it was in vain. She did, and because of her belief, she was able to save the Jews from genocide.

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