Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A job well done!

He has done everything well...(Mark 7:37)

Isn't that the truth? Everything Jesus did was done well. He healed and made whole, and the result was perfect; the outcome was amazing; it was all so miraculous and unbelievable; there was nothing missing or off par. Yet, in my life, I've been seriously questioning certain parts of my existence. I constantly doubt whether or not everything will fall into place. Can Jesus really heal all the damage in my life? Completely? Fully?

I can't let those apprehensions rock my faith because He does a good job in everything He does; records prove it! Let that stir my heart and make me trust Him with my life, even the tattered and torn pieces that don't seem like they could ever be mended. The blind saw; the deaf could hear; the mute talked; the lame walked; and even I, little old me, can be made whole again.

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