Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Distracted with Much Serving

“But Martha was distracted with much serving, and she approached Him…” Luke 10:40

In welcoming Jesus to their home, Martha and Mary make preparations for His arrival. However, when He shows up, Martha, still “distracted with much serving,” loses sight of the real focus, which is their guest of honor. Mary, on the other hand, immediately devotes her entire attention to Jesus; everything else seems to be secondary. Though Mary's response seems to be sincere and pure, Martha is vexed by her sister’s negligence of the housework. This causes Martha to stop her work momentarily and approach Jesus. However, her approach is not in the same manner as Mary’s. It lacks love and adoration, and sadly, is rather full of complaint and bitterness.

So often, I fall into the same mode as Martha. I get so wrapped up with the duties I must perform, the responsibilities I must keep, and the rules I must adhere to, that I become quite lost in the purpose of existence. In essence, my life begins to become void of love and tenderness. I act as I ought to, but each word I speak is contrived, each move I make is forced, and thus, my way of living is sterile. It lacks passion because I forget the reason that would make me passionate.

In my service to God, I may, at times, fail to welcome Him with the same adoration and anticipation that Mary obviously possessed. The work in Mary's perspective was secondary to her worship of Jesus. Her priorities were right. Like Mary, I must endeavor to seek Jesus first, get to know Him on a personal level, before I get so caught up in the work or in the daily activities that make up my life that I end up not living at all.

Dear God,

May I respond to Your presence in the same way that Mary did. I want to be so anxious to hear Your voice and know You more. Please help me to stay focused on You, and not to be distracted or worried by the things around me.

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