Tuesday, January 2, 2007

For with God Nothing is Impossible

"For with God Nothing is Impossible." -Luke 1:37

Though this verse has had a cliche-like implementation, although it seems almost overused, its constant usage cannot diminish the power behind the very meaning of its words. Upon delving deeper into this verse, it is made apparant that God is the source of this power; the impossibilities cease at the foot of the Almighty, while the potential for anything rest soley in His hands. God is not restricted or limited to any element or factor; His plan will unfold despite events oft considered by humans to be mishaps and misfortunes. Like Mary and Elizabeth whose circumstances seemed to be the least ideal, God used them for His plan of salvation. In a way, the less ideal of the circumstance, the more glorious the effects.

Likewise, our lives can also be a display of the glorious effects of God's plan. Despite the consequences of life's tragedies, God continues to perform the impossible. There are no boundaries, no hindrances; there is nothing that will stop Him from victory. Therefore, even though the situation may appear bleak and beyond repair, it can never be beyond God's power. The question is however, where we stand and which preposition we would elect to apply to our lives. Are we "with" Him or "without" Him?

Mary and Elizabeth clearly determined to be the former, and even though their choice was initially wrapped in apprehension, and even though their choice would lead to sorrow and hardship, they knew that "with God nothing is impossible." This implied that their lives, though from a human standpoint were not ideal, would be used to glorify God. In that same way, we must choose to trust that God is more powerful than any obstacle, more wise than any failure, more victorious than any pain.

Dear God,

I pray that I would be able to completely surrender my life to You. Despite all the hardships and frustrations I encounter, I want to always be reminded that with You nothing is impossible. Your divine plan will not be defeated, and thus, I must not quiver nor quake at the slightest failure or hurt that I experience on this earth. May all the least ideal situations in my life be used to glorify You even the more.

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