Monday, January 8, 2007

I Cried to the Lord

"I cried to the Lord with my voice, and He heard me from His holy hill." Psalm 3:4

In this psalm, David troubled by his enemies, desperate in his trials, and looking for help, can do nothing but cry out to Lord. Interestingly, God heard David's agonized voice and was faithful to come to David's side; however, God had to first allow the circumstances to climax to such a level of painful intensity. As a result, David would succumb to the humble state of crying out to God.

In Luke 3, a similar idea is presented when Jesus met a widow whose son had just died. Although it is obvious that Jesus was able to prevent the son from dying, as he had recently healed a centurion's servant in the first part of the chapter, Jesus allowed the son to die, and consequently allowed the widow to weep. He allowed the widow to cry out before He performed the miracle. The widow was not the only one who cried, Jesus also did not stop Mary from weeping and wiping His feet with her tears.

There are so many times in this life when the tears do not seem to cease. The heart, overflowing with hurt and pain, explodes in the emotional catharsis of the tears. Though the frustration and aching is overwhelming, God does not intervene or interrupt these moments of desperation; instead, He waits for us to fall into humble weakness so that we might call out to Him to succor us. He allows these times of darkness, in order that we might cling to Him.

We cannot expect to be free from tears on this earth. It is inevitable that we should fall into such a state of humility. However, by knowing full well that not only is God completely in control as He is permitting this trials to exist, but also that He is going to hear our cries from His holy hill.

Dear God,

In times of desperation, may I cry out to You in sincerity and hope. Knowing that You hear me and yearn for my love in return, I pray that I would seek You for help and turn to no other.

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