Saturday, September 15, 2007

get up.

14 The LORD upholds all those who fall
and lifts up all who are bowed down. (Psalm 145)

In the drudgery of life, we often feel so entirely low that we would rather fall down and never get up. With neither strength or hope, without confidence and determination, we just want to give up. But whether we are down because of our own choosing or whether life has just thrown us in such a desperate position, God is always there to pick us up...cheer us up...if we would just look up.

Looking ahead is oft times hard, especially from the view that is down in the murky mire; however, if we would just gaze our eyes heavenward, we will see a distinguishable glow that would shroud our apprehensions in a light. We won't see like we've been seeing; we will see life in a different way, a more positive way. And, God will take us by the hand and lift us up. We can't give up.

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