Sunday, August 19, 2007

giving back.

10Jesus said to them, "Bring some of the fish you have just caught." (John 21)

After Jesus' resurrection, Peter and some of the disciples are a bit discouraged, maybe even confused. For three years, they had followed Jesus, and at this point they really don't know what else to do. Therefore, they decide to go back to the sea, and return to their old lifestyles. Interestingly, Peter is the one who leads them.

Jesus, however, has a plan for them. He stands on the shore, tells them where to cast their nets, and then calls them in for breakfast. Already prepared are a couple fish and bread, yet he invites them to offer the fish they just caught. Even though Jesus could have provided completely and abundantly for them, He gives them the opportunity to give of themselves, in a way. Oddly enough, the reason why they even had any fish in the first place was because Jesus had directed them, but now He's allowing them to give it back.

In our lives, there are many things that we have not because we have earned it by our own efforts or we deserve it through our own merit, but rather because God simply loved us enough to direct us to that particular gain. It is with our abundance that we can give back. We should offer it. We should share it. Not because we have to or need to, but rather because Jesus is allowing us to commune and share in His love and grace. There's just something lovely about giving.

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