Saturday, August 25, 2007


17 But I will rescue you on that day, declares the LORD; you will not be handed over to those you fear. 18 I will save you; you will not fall by the sword but will escape with your life, because you trust in me, declares the LORD. (Jeremiah 39)

Ebed-Melech, the Cushite, was not forgotten! I love this!!! The risk he made to save Jeremiah was not ignored. Ebed-Melech had trusted God, knowing that it was necessary to speak to king on Jeremiah's behalf; he could not let Jeremiah die in the cistern. He could not consciously allow Jeremiah to starve to death in the sinking mud. No, he had to talk to the king. He had to convince the King to draw Jeremiah out and rescue him.

In all of this, God remembered Ebed-Melech. I'm so glad this portion of history is recorded. Sometimes we risk our lives, in a way, to do something we really feel is necessary, and God will remember. We may do things that jeopardize our lives, in a way, and God will not forget. We must trust God wholly, and God will prevent us from being "handed over to those" we fear...even when the stakes are high...

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