Saturday, August 18, 2007


But the LORD had hidden them. Jeremiah 36

Jehoiakim is seeking to kill both Jeremiah and Baruch. Jeremiah dictating the words of the Lord to Baruch, who wrote them on a scroll, had them read to the people, including Jehoiakim's officials. Even though his officials realized the gravity of these words, Jehoiakim rejected them and burned them in the fire, piece by piece. Furthermore, Jehoiakim demonstrates his belligerence by seeking to destroy the prophet and his servant.

Neverthless, God hides them. The terror that envelopes us and surrounds us can never penetrate our hearts if we follow God. He will hide us in the midst of it. I'm almost certain that Jeremiah and Baruch, though they knew God was protecting them, felt a bit panicked. They probably felt a tad anxious. It was not the most comfortable of circumstances. However, God was there keeping them safe.

Likewise, in our lives, even when we feel a bit panicked, anxious, and uncomfortable because of the events that unfold in our lives, we must remember that God is keeping us hidden. We will be safe in His hands.

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