Sunday, July 8, 2007

physically fit.

4 My heart is blighted and withered like grass;
I forget to eat my food. (Psalm 102)

This is just like me; in my depression, I lose my appetite. It's almost as if I enjoy the physical pangs of hunger, as if I feel I deserve to endure the weakness and fatigue. Food is normally equated with fun and celebration, and when there is something to mourn about, it falls quickly to the bottom of my list.

Lately, I've been eating heartily, which probably means I'm not as depressed as normal. :) However, there are things in the back of my mind that keep arising, adding pressure to my head. I really shouldn't let them surface though. I should really take it one step at a time.

Dear God,

Thank you for a beautiful weekend :). Please help me to stay joyful but also healthy, especially for when times get tough again. I want to be physically strong and spiritually ready for tribulation. I want to triumph because I have found strength in You.

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